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For the Harrison Jackson Square Cemetery effective July 15, 2007 with no ending date established.

We the family members of the three above families have set forth the following rules and conditions to use the cemetery.  Our goals and intentions are to maintain and preserve the land to get the maximum use for qualified family members, their spouse and children only.  As set forth in our first letter, the Governing Board will make the final decision with the help of the Advisory Board if needed for operation.  We also support the Administrative staff which is composed of  a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Trustee(6)**.

Rules and Conditions:

I.   Board members, officers and committee members will not be compensated for their services performed for the cemetery.


II.  The fiscal year will be July 15th to July 14th each year.

III. Asking $25 per household annually and $25 for member in household 
reaching the age of 25 years.  This revenue will be used to clear undeveloped land, maintenance, etc.

IV.  For those members who chose not to help with the annual fees for 
upkeep must pay the going rate as established by the boards annually.

*V.  For those family members who have built vaults and reserved a plot as 
documented on our accepted Plot Plan prior to July 15, 2007 will be Grand
Fathered in. 

VI.  To help preserve space we are asking that your first use to bury below
the ground with the option to build on top with one or double thus utilizing one spot to take care of three love ones.

VII.  The expense to dig graves or to build vaults for the final resting place
of your love one is the financial responsibility of the requesting family member.

VIII  The vault builders and grave diggers must have the approval of the Advisory Board before starting construction.

A.     Grave 4'x7'x4'deep

B.     Vault double 4'x7x6'high

C.     Vault quad 8'x7'x6'high

IX    The expense of painting vaults, setting/removal of flowers, etc is the financial responsibility of the family member.

X    Trustees will keep an active reference list of grave diggers and vault builders that meet our specifications, to include the start and finish of a job that would enhance our cemetery.



SUSAN SMITH__________________________________________(Jackson)


JACKIE HARRISON LEONARD_____________________________(Harrison)


SUZETTE COUSIN_______________________________________(Square)


ESTELL HARRISON BROWN________________________________(Harrison)


ISABELLE SQUARE COUSIN___________________________________(Square)


JULIUS W. SMITH_________________________________________(Jackson)


*addition to by laws ....November  3, 2007 **addition to by laws...December 8, 2007