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Charlie Jackson - Charlie reared his family of seven boys and three girls in the Slidell area until his death in 1937 at age 80. Charlie and his wife Rebecca were the parents of Wesley, Jimmie, Saul, Lizzie, Anna, Elmore, Evelena, Minor, Charlie and John.

Rev. Prentiss HarrisonJoseph Harrison - Joseph migrated to Columbia, Mississippi. He and his wife Florence were the parents of Gertrude, Minnie, Hezekiah, Jesse(F), Beatrice, Juanita, Gladys and Prentiss. His son, Rev. Prentiss Harrison conducted a revival at Mt. Olive A.M.E. church in 1947.  Rev. Prentiss and Katherine Harrison are pictured on the right.

Luke Harrison - Luke moved to New Orleans and he and his wife Mary reared a family of six boys and two girls. They included George, Alfred, Luke, Joseph, Willie, Charlie and girls Camille and Ruth. He still has a large number of descendants in New Orleans.  One of his granddaughters, Ruby Harrison Collins, taught school at St.Tammany Parish Training School in 1948 and 1949.  She lived at the home of Edna and James Crawford.  It was a joy having a pretty cousin staying at our home and being one of our teachers.  She is now retired and lives in New Orleans east. In 1992 her father, Willie C. Harrison, and mother, Clara Harrison (pictured above), were the oldest known surviving descendants of Stephen and Charity. Clara lived to be 102 years old and died in New Orleans on February 1, 2003 .

Walter Harrison -  Walter migrated to Wilson, Arkansas where he lived until 1944. He then moved to Los Angeles, California to live with his daughter Lillie until his death in 1952. Walter was married to Diannah Davis and their children were, Charity, Arthur, Albert, Pearlie and Lillie.  Walter's family has a website at http://ahpwfamily.com.  Check it out by clicking on Walter Harrison or the link above!

William Arthur Harrison - William Arthur, the fifth son, is last known to have lived in Texas near the Houston area. He is listed on the obituary as an attendee to the funeral of his brother James in 1950 in Slidell, La.  He is referred to as Rev. W. A. Harrison from Crockett Texas. Research continues on him and his descendants.

Robert Harrison - Robert, the sixth son, also migrated to Arkansas.  He lived in a small town called Gilmore, which is in east Arkansas near the Tennessee border.  It is significant to state that, the towns of Gilmore and Wilson are only 30 miles apart.  My mother and Aunt Mil can remember writing Uncle Robert in Gilmore for Grandpa. He would chastise them if the letters were not just right.  We have no further data on his history as of yet. 

Alfred Harrison - Alfred, the seventh son, was born in 1870.  He married Effie Harrison (same last name) and lived in Covington, Louisiana most of his life.  Alfred and Effie Harrison were the parents of four (4) boys, Alfred Harrison, Jr., Mack Harrison, William A. Harrison, and Robert L. Harrison.  Alfred named his two youngest sons after two of his older brothers William Arthur and Robert L.  This act was very common in the Harrison family and names are often repeated up and down the family tree.  Alfred's nephew, Napoleon Hines, remembers that his Uncle Alfred and Aunt Effie would travel to Independence, Louisiana to help pack strawberries during strawberry harvest.  Although there is no photo available of Alfred, Napoleon describes him as a James Harrison (his younger brother) look-a-like.  Alfred died in 1940 due to injuries suffered in an automobile accident and is buried in Covington, La.  Additional information on Alfred and Effie Harrison can be found on the following website:  http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~mckinneyechols/index2.htm

Francis Harrison - Francis, the eighth child and first girl, married William Dunham Booker.  They were the parents of six girls and one boy.  They were: Suzie Ricard Matthews, Sara Johnson, Walter Booker, Luvenia Booker, Ester Booker, Katherine Booker and Idella Stokes.  Suzie migrated to Chicago where she lived for many years before permanently moving back to Slidell where she lived to a ripe old age of 98.  She died in Slidell on May 30, 1989.  She had no children. Sara lived in New Orleans until her death at 91 on January 23, 1990. She had no children. Walter served in the Army in World War I.  Upon being honorably discharged, he entered college and graduated from MeHarry Dental School in the class of 1924.  He practiced dentistry in New Orleans until he retired. He was an active member of St. Peter A.M.E. Church in New Orleans.  Dr. Walter Booker also assisted me in my research.  He was able to provide me with much information from his family line.  Dr. Booker was the father of one daughter who died in Chicago in 1991. He died at the age of 93 on July 25, 1985.  Luvenia died as an adult and Ester and Katherine died as youths.  Idella Booker Stokes was married to Alonzo Stokes. They lived in Slidell.  They reared six children, three of whom are still residing in Slidell with their families.  Idella died at the age of 76 on March 5, 1981. 

Leona Harrison - Leona was the ninth child and the second daughter.  She was married to Charlie Debrea and they were the parents of two girls, Neale and Lenora and one son named Norman.  Neale had two children: Norman and Estelle Dorsey.

James Harrison - James was the tenth child born to Charity and Stephen. He was married to Mary Fields and they were the parents of 12 childen, six boys and six girls. These children were Calvin, Stephen Alexander (named after his grandfather), Josephine, Joseph, Albert, Louise, Leona, Edna, Abner, Phlander, Cora Margina and Mildred.

Lugenia Harrison - Lugenia was the eleventh child and the last born to Charity and Stephen.  Her first marriage was to Charlie Square and her second marriage was to Edgar Fields who was the brother of Grandma Mary. During her marriage to Charlie Square two children were born, James and Beatrice. During her marriage to Edgar Fields two children were born also, and they were Sarah and Thomas.